“Problem solving”.  When all else is said and done, lawyers should be primarily free to focus on just that – solving problems for clients.  But the practice of law has radically changed, and in many ways not in the best interest of business clients who need efficient, effective and cost-effective professional services.

The mission of the Patton Law Firm’s team is to deliver professional services focused on problem solving.  This is rooted in the belief that the practice of law is still a profession, even as the marketplace calls upon attorneys to have high level business acumen.  One does not have to be sacrificed at the expense of the other.  Thus, Andrea Patton approaches each engagement with the belief that the traditional role of an attorney as “trusted adviser: — emphasizing trustworthiness and professional excellence — still holds true even in today’s electronic age.  For that reason, our team of attorneys and exceptional paralegals and case managers present a powerful value proposition by combining high quality professional legal services with a practical approach tailored to the client’s specific needs and goals.

With the above defining core values, strong business acumen, leadership, negotiation and analytical skills, and because of its professional pride in achieving value-added results for clients the Patton Law Firm is able to assist you through challenging legal situations and plan for your future. We have a problem-solving niche centered around, but not exclusively, in the following practice areas:

  • Probate Law;
  • Estate Planning;
  • Trust Litigation;
  • Conservatorship Administration; and
  • Trust and Estate Appeals.

The Patton Law Firm truly offers in substance “big firm” skill sets and delivers “big firm” results through personalized and client-tailored “small firm” professional legal services that put personal and professional integrity before professional accolades.